Performance Standards in the Public Sector

Foundation Trust Hospital challenged with increasing demands on A&E and a requirement to meet the national 4 hour standard from attendance to treatment

Specialist service redesign

A Foundation Trust Hospital was bidding to host regional specialist vascular surgery and radiotherapy services. This was part of a national program to centralise specialist services in a smaller number of sites to improve care.

Transformational Change and Process redesign in the Public Sector

Foundation Trust Hospital challenged to maintain elective care during a period of increases in emergency admissions.

Turnaround of a Product Performance in the Market

Nasonex (a nasal steroid used in the treatment of allergies and nasal congestion) had been launched several years previously with little focus or promotion.

NICE appeals

A Pharmaceutical Company with 5 new major products of Global importance undergoing health technology appraisal with little corporate support leading to initially negative NICE advice

Pharmaceutical Company Turnaround

A pharmaceutical Company affiliate in the UK was failing with 30% staff turnover, failure to meet financial targets and key functions absent or vacant

Financial Turnaround in Private Sector

Pharmaceutical affiliate failing to meet financial targets for 5 years, staff turnover of 30% and key functions vacant

Public Sector Cultural Change

A Foundation Trust was in the bottom quartile in the country for patient satisfaction measured by the Net Promoter Score. The decline had lasted over three years and was getting worse.

Successful Rebranding of a Company

A private equity backed fertility business was registered with Companies House as REPIN and traded under the name of The Academic Reproductive Partnership. This caused confusion in the market place and did not represent the core values of the business and each of the clinics had their own unique and distinct identify with no link to the group company.

Senior Executive in a Global Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company high potential executive appointed to their first Country Managing Director during a global recession

Pharmaceutical Company Executive Team

A young pharmaceutical company in transition with a relatively inexperienced team and little corporate support.