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We offer a wide range of services under our four product categories as outlined below. If some of the questions apply to you and your business, we can help.

Our Services

Strategy & Senior Corporate Council

  • How well placed is your Company?
  • With whom do you compete and how well do you compete?
  • How do you distinguish yourself?
  • How well positioned are you in your Company?
  • When did your team last rehearse a major crisis?
  • If your number 1 product is on National News how quickly could you mobilise?
  • What and where are your major risks and who owns them?
  • How well tested are your TV spokespeople?

Leading Change

  • Are your immediate team 100% aligned to the changes required?
  • Are staff two levels below you clear on why change is needed and how they fit in?
  • Can you articulate what change is required and why tangible benefits will accrue to all those involved?
  • Do you have all the resources you require to implement your change program?
  • Are you able to dedicate enough time to your change programs?
  • How will you measure success and imbed the changes?

Strategic Market Access

  • How well does the global strategy fit local market needs?
  • Do you have all the data required by the market?
  • How successful were you with your last NICE/SMC/AWMG submission?
  • Appeal…
  • Have previous new product introductions or line extensions failed to achieve their goals?
  • Is your internally calculated ICER problematical?
  • When did you last win a NICE Appeal?

Market Placement & Optimisation

  • Why is your product not performing?
  • How good are your market plans and how do you know?
  • Will a traditional approach work?
  • What risks are you willing to take?
  • Who values your product and is willing to pay for it?
  • Are you confident with your leading and lagging indicators of success?
  • Are your service redesign plans adequate?

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