Defence Academy Joint Services Command and Staff College – Health Care Directing Staff

Coutts Consulting has been invited to join the Directing Staff of the inaugural joint Defence Academy and The Staff College – Leadership in Healthcare program at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham.The Joint Services Command and Staff College is a forward-looking military establishment dedicated to the understanding of the nature of leadership, command…

NHS England’s Clinical Entrepreneur Training Programme – Mentor

The Clinical Entrepreneur Training programme has been co-designed by NHS England and Health Education England to offer opportunities for junior doctors and the wider health professionals to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations during their clinical training period. The first national level training programme for clinical entrepreneurs, enables us to support and retain these clinicians, equipping them…

Smartbell in The Economist

The Cambridge Accelerate Company SmartBell is included in the Technology Quarterly: The Future of Agriculture June 11th 2016. Smartbell has created a sensor that hangs around a cows neck which records dynamically the wearer’s movements and transmits that information to the cloud. Up to 20% of cattle are lame and early identification can preserve yields…

Bausch + Lomb UK and Ireland- ” A great place to work”

In a recent pulse survey in the UK and Ireland in which 9 out of ten staff participated  82% of employees agreed that  ‘I would recommend B+L as a great place to work’

Just Milk Wins at Pitch@Palace 5.0

Just Milk produces a novel system for safely delivering medications and nutrients to breastfeeding infants. The JustMilk device is a thin, disposable silicone nipple shield, modified to hold a dispersible therapeutic tablet, which delivers the medication directly to the infant via the flow of breast milk. This safe and effective product would make administering medicine…

Coutts Consulting at HRH Duke of York Pitch@Palace

Coutts Consulting has been invited by  HRH Duke of York Pitch@Palace to participate in Pitch@Palace. HRH founded Pitch@Palace to support the acceleration and amplification of Entrepreneurs. Gordon Coutts will be mentoring entrepreneurs acting as an “Elevator” to assist them with their pitches.

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